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Sunday, 23rd February 2020

Ziplining over Bootleg Canyon – Flightlinez

Ana Pines
Keep N Touch

Ana Pines

Founder/Writer/Photographer/Entrepreneur. Often the only queer person of color at media events. You can't miss me! Want a different perspective, feel free to reach out and I'll be there.
Ana Pines
Keep N Touch

Many people think about the strip, gambling, drinking, dancing and unmentionables when they hear the words “Las Vegas”. It’s no wonder the phrase, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” got popular. However, for adventure seekers there’s so much more away from the infamous strip.

One of those adventures starts at the office of Flightlinez located in Boulder City, NV about 25 miles southeast of the Las Vegas Strip. If you don’t have your own transportation Flightlinez will shuttle you from Excalibur Hotel.

When we arrived at the Flightlinez office we did a weight check-in and then signed mandatory waiver forms. An instructor came out to get a head count and started to set-up the necessary equipment in the adjacent room. Once everyone was ready we headed into that room to get our gear (harness and helmet) on and went through a safety demonstration.

A zipline is set-up in the room as it is on the canyon. Another instructor is harnessed in and pushed the few feet of line available to demonstrate sitting, where your hands should be, and the most important piece of advice, “when in doubt, spread your legs out”. There are “brake boxes” at the end of each line to help stop you on the platform, depending on your speed, you may swing up towards them and hurt your knee or thigh hence the importance of “when in doubt, spread your legs out”.

 Flightlinez demonstration demo

We then loaded up in a small van that took us to The Red Mountains. The instructors had quite the sense of humor and kept us entertained along the way. When we got there, everyone was given a pulley to carry during the 15-minute hike up. The pulley may be a bit heavy for some. If so, let one of the guides know, they’ll carry it up for you. The guides also carry backpacks full of water bottles to ensure everyone stays hydrated.

There are 4 zipline platforms covering just over a mile and a half of the canyon. The first one is 1,852 feet long, has a 400-foot drop at a 17% grade and can get you flying up to speeds of 60 mph. The last line is the shortest at a quarter of a mile.

Scared? You shouldn’t be. The instructors will help you with whatever you need if you just let them know. Want to turn back?  No problem. Your shoulder hurts a little bit?  They’ll get you a ladder to help you in and out of the harness without putting any pressure on it. Pulled on the break too hard and now you’re stuck on the line? An instructor will come out to pull you to safety.

The views are amazing so you’ll want to bring a small camera that can fit securely in your pocket to take pictures of the hike up. The harness also has a pouch where you can place small items. You’re not allowed to take pictures while in flight unless its “hands free” because you’ll need to reach up and grab on the break handles with both hands when told. Also, we know what will happen if it slips and falls 400 feet…bye-bye camera.

If you want to remember the thrill and show off to your friends on Facebook, a photographer travels with the group to take pictures. They also include pictures of the mountain and any wildlife spotted such as bighorn sheep and several different species of lizards. You can also rent a Go-Pro, which they’ll secure on you to record your adventure. The entire trip ranges from 2-2.5 hours on the mountain and is great for all ages. The oldest was about 70 in our group. She searched the Internet for something more exciting to do because she was bored with the activities her senior group had planned. We allotted 4 hours for the whole event including travel time to/from our hotel. It was an adventure that you’ll be sure not to forget.

Photos below provided by Flightlinez

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