Years in the Hundreds presented by Central Works

cct-hundred-0302-01Central Works opened its 27th Season with Years in the Hundreds by Jesse Potterveld. The story revolves around twin sisters who have lived together for half a century. They are dressed alike and talk about taking turns when it comes to going out in the world because they can’t be seen together. The audience is fed breadcrumbs as to what is going on.

A little sibling rivalry is brought up conjuring up laughs as to whether or not a minute makes a difference when it comes to entering the world, technically you’re older, but does it make a difference in life experience? Inez (Anne Hallinan) the more serious twin seems to think so, while Jessie (Tamar Cohn) just takes everything in stride. What is the fascination with identical twins anyway?

CW-Years-TC_AR-e1487726668868As one speculates with each scene, multiple secrets begin to be revealed after the arrival of Marcus (Adam Roy), a 20-something year old seeking the attention of Jessie. He visits their home and finds Inez alone. Unaware that her sister knows him (and he that Jessie has a twin), she starts screaming and running around the house in search of a weapon to protect herself. His relationship with Jessie thickens the plot and some 50 Shades of Grey is revealed. The layers are peeled back one by one and the identical twins couldn’t be more different. The story is as much about deceit and revenge, as it is about love.

CW-Years-AR_AH-e1487726835173Hallinan and Cohn gave great performances as the twins. Roy was good as the naïve boy toy but the lines he had to give about love were a snooze fest. The rest was suspenseful, humorous and certainly made you think about “twin culture” and the implications of deceit on such a unique relationship that only other twins might be able to understand. One thing I can tell you, you’ll never see an older woman and assume that they are innocent after this play. Yes, even grandma has secrets and desires.


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