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Friday, 10th April 2020

Theatre Review: ” Uncanny Valley” at San Diego REPertory Theatre

By on Apr 26, 2015 in Arts & Culture, Theatre & Musicals

In 1970, a roboticist by the name of Masahiro Mori observed that in going towards the goal of making robots appear human, there’s a point of uncertainty when we, humans,  feel unsettled by the robots. Mori calls this the uncanny valley. In Thomas Gibbons’ futuristic play “Uncanny Valley,” presented by San Diego REPertory Theatre, neuroscientist Claire (Rosina Reynolds) works on her latest attempt at crafting a non-biological being, Julian A. As it turns out Julian A is being created for a very wealthy man, Julian B, who has found a way to forestall his demise by “downloading” the contents of his mind to this “machine.” Rosina Reynolds delivers a near-flawless performance. The stage lighting, set, and music are incredible. Nick Cagle brings dimension to the roles of the simulated Julian and the “real” Julian. However, there are several problematic...

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