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Monday, 6th April 2020

Women’s March Oakland – Photos

By on Jan 22, 2017 in Community, Features, Photography

Gloomy weather didn’t keep Oakland residents away from the Women’s March from Madison Park to Frank Ogawa Plaza. Here are a few moments and creative signs that I captured yesterday.

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Leadership Quotes by Lexa from CW’s The 100

By on Apr 16, 2016 in Leadership

Lexa, played by Alycia Debnam-Carney on The CW’s The 100, is the commander of the Grounder clans. She’s a skillful Heda (Commander in Trigedasleng) and fearless warrior. She’s as tough as nails who stops at nothing to protect her peoples. Here are three quotes by Lexa to inspire you to greatness:

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Rituals + Remembrance at OMCA

By on Dec 6, 2015 in Arts, Arts & Culture, Community, Features, Museums, Photography, Travel

The Oakland Museum of California explores this tradition and how other cultures honor their deceased in their exhibit, “Rituals + Remembrance”. The work represents elements of Buddhist, African American, Filipino, Hawaiian, Japanese, Chicano, and Latino rituals.

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The Kid Thing – New Conservatory Theatre Center

By on Nov 18, 2015 in Arts & Culture, Features, Theatre & Musicals

You can catch the Bay Area debut of, “The Kid Thing” directed by Becca Wolff, at the New Conservatory Theatre Center until December 13. The play written by playwright Sarah Gubbins was the winner of the Joseph Jefferson Award for Best New Play 2012 and an Edgarton Foundation New American Play Prize.

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Moms post side-by-side pregnancy photos

By on Apr 22, 2015 in Photography

A North Carolina couple has had the following picture go viral. Proud moms Melanie and Vanessa Iris Roy shared side-by-side photos of their pregnancies a year apart in the same pose. In the second photo we can see their first child, Jax, playing at their feet in the sand.                         An LGBT advocacy site in Brazil picked up on the photo and it quickly went viral. It had already been up for two months. A common question from outsiders among lesbian couples that want children is, “Who’s going to carry the baby?” This picture lets the world know, sometimes both! You can follow Melanie Roy on Instagram for more cute photos of them and their son Jax and daughter Ero....

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