BAM! presents HAIR

BAM! (Bay Area Musicals), the newest non-profit theatrical organization in the San Francisco Bay Area is presenting their 2nd show Hair, now playing at the Victoria Theatre until March 12th. A classic choice that exemplifies the diversity in our society, one that many theatre’s so desperately lack.

The story centers on a life-changing decision that Claude (Jeffrey Brian Adams) is wrestling with. He’s received his draft notice for the Vietnam War as many of his new friends have too, but he’s unsure of what to do. His parents want him to follow society’s expectations regardless of whether its right or wrong and his friends want him to dodge it and wholeheartedly believe its an unjust war. They catch him faking the burning of the notice during a bon-fire get together. He just can’t do it, and chooses to go.


The cultural phenomenon grew out of the 60s era search for meaning. It was developed at New York City’s Public Theatre and in 1968 the musical, written by Gerome Ragni, James Rado, and Galt MacDermot, reached Broadway. You’ll get to experience all the classic hits including,  “Aquarius”, “Hair”, “Going Down”, “Easy to be Hard”, “Good Morning Star Shine” and “Flesh Failures/Let the Sun Shine.”


The invisible wall between the audience and actors is torn down when the cast interacts directly with them. People are sang to, asked to dance, one lucky person is brought on stage and another has an actor sit on their lap. The entire audience is encouraged in the middle of the show to take a photo they can share on social media. The hippie movement was one of breaking barriers and being allowed to take a photo, even just one, felt a little naughty. No usher came out to scold you or threaten to take away your phone this time. 

HAIR anapines Iphone6

The audience was allowed to take a photo during production. Photo taken via Iphone 6 plus.

50 years later and we’re still grappling with many of the sentiments that this endeavor grew out of, making it the perfect time to bring it to the San Francisco theatre audience.There’s nudity, live musicians, and wonderful choreography. The audio sounded too low at times as some of the actors were hard to understand. Still, it didn’t feel like it was only their second production with that little glitch. The Bay Area has another theatre group to add to their radar. 

Victoria Theatre 
2961 16TH STREET
San Francisco, CA 94103

Show closes on Saturday, March 12th at 8:00PM. Tickets start at $35 on regular show days and can be purchased online, by phone at 415.340.2207, by email or in person
1 hour before performance.