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Thursday, 2nd April 2020

Comic-Con International 2012 – Preview Night

By on Jul 11, 2012 in Photography, Talks, Workshops & Conferences

The huge crowd of Comic-Con attendees can be seen walking in all directions from the moment we stepped off the trolley. Proudly wearing their badges and carrying their souvenir bags, converting downtown into a comic fan mecca. We hadn’t been there five minutes when we nearly got ran over by a car. A driver hesitated crossing the intersection and instead of staying put to wait for the green light, he decided to back up, almost hitting 5 people that were crossing the street. Once we got to the convention center the lines went quickly. We waited outside for less than a minute prior to being directed to one of the credentials pick-up stations. The exhibit room was a dizzying frenzy of comics, games, clothing, and film and tv promotion booths. Seeing it all within one night is just impossible....

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