Cirque Du Soleil Brings Its First Ice Show, CRYSTAL, to San Jose’s SAP Center

CRYSTAL—Cirque du Soleil’s 42nd production and first-ever experience on ice—has arrived in San Jose’s SAP Center until April 1, 2018.

COURTSHIPIn typical Cirque fashion, the show is innovative, visually stunning, funny, and full of imaginative scenarios that only a Cirque show can take you through. Artists and skaters perform acrobatics on the ice and in the air, seamlessly combining multiple disciplines to take the audience into the dream world conjured up by the show’s main character, Crystal (Nobahar Dadui).

Crystal finds herself feeling the weight of the mundane life and dreaming of breaking away, “I don’t belong here, I want to live in a book…”. She tells herself, “skate away from them all, find the one inside”, and then begins a magical world of synchronized skating, freestyle, figure, and extreme skating combined with swinging trapeze, aerial straps and hand to hand acts. She goes through a self-reflection that leads her to a feeling of freedom and empowerment. The acrobats push their limits and fly through the air demonstrating a weightlessness one can only feel when open to taking risks.

01_TEMPETE-0265The show has something for everyone. There are little amusements like fake falls to make people laugh, incredible stunts for the thrill seekers, and the colorful and musical representations for the artists and dreamers. In the end Crystal breaks through the ice and resurfaces, “everythng feels real until you realize you’re dreaming.”

Another key feature of Cirque shows is their dedication to warming up the audience. Prior to show time they take a more creative approach to getting your attention than just blinking the house lights on and off. For Crystal, this warm up included snow ball fights on stage and within the audience. This is what makes Cirque enjoyable by many. Their creative approach caters to their specific audience, in this production it’s inclusive to all ages and tastes.

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Update: Cirque has done it again, all shows at the San Jose location are sold out. 


CRYSTAL – A Breakthrough Ice Experience | Cirque du Soleil


Magical Nathaniel Magic Show!

IMG_7894 copyI didn’t know what to expect when I went to see Magical Nathaniel Magic Show! at El Cerrito High School. In his early 20’s, he’s already been performing for about 9 years. He became interested in magic at the tender age of 3. I already admired this performer without seeing the show, due to the fact that not many of us get to follow the dreams we had as teenagers, let alone those at age 3. A recent graduate from UC Berkeley with a degree in applied mathematics and a minor in theatre and already an award-winning magician, this had to be good.

IMG_7903The show included a lot of interaction with the audience especially, the younger members who literally jumped up and down to get chosen to go up on stage. Magical Nathaniel has a natural chemistry with kids that made them react to him as if he were their best friend. One of them got worried that Magical Nathaniel would get hurt because he was doing a “dangerous trick” that involved balancing himself on a piece of wood on top of two chairs, while blindfolded, and solving a Rubik’s cube. The interaction was a little distracting from the trick but he handled the heartwarming moment with acknowledgement and patience as he continued with the performance.

IMG_7899 copyThere were a lot of classic acts that any inspired kid’s parents could pick up from a magic store. The infamous rope trick that makes it go from one big one to three little ones, and the needle through a balloon. He did add an additional twist to each trick, making it his own. In addition to his natural charm with the little ones, his act is also enticing enough to leave the adult crowd in awe.

It’s a family show that can please the whole family. One adult comment overheard, “No, it can’t be” was amusing to hear. He had several “I bet I can guess which one you chose” illusions but, the most interesting to me was one involving a soda can. He took a crushed can on stage and returned it back to its normal state. He then opened it and gave a cup to an audience member to drink to confirm that it was cold. You can currently book him for kid parties, events, and shows.

Find out about upcoming shows on his website:

Rope Trick

Grand Finale