Restaurant Review: Tacos El Paisa

Address: 3096 National Ave (b/t 30th St & 31st St ), San Diego, CA 92113
Price: $
Rating: 4/5

Review: The food here is incredibly delicious; fresh, and spicy. You go up to the cashier to order your food and they bring you a platter with free chips with different types of salsa, carrots, slices of radish, and cucumbers.


I was going to order Tripa burritos until we saw this sign behind the cashier. We decided to order Molcajete and share.


We made the right decision. The asada was tender, chicken pieces were mouth watering, shrimp was tasty, nopales were great (we’re not fond of them normally but we tried a couple of strips), and the longaniza was nice and spicy. It was topped off well with queso fresco, aguacate, and salsa molcajete. I loved the longaniza the most. I have a fondness for spicy food and it satisfied my palate very well. The order comes with warm tortillas. You can choose between corn and flour tortillas. Best part? It’s only $14.99 for such a complete meal.


If you’re looking for the restroom, it’s outside in the parking lot. You need to ask for the key from the cashier.


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