Leadership Quotes by Lexa from CW’s The 100

Lexa, played by Alycia Debnam-Carney on The CW’s The 100, is the commander of the Grounder clans. She’s a skillful Heda (Commander in Trigedasleng) and fearless warrior.

Let’s put aside the fact that The 100 character who is cunning and able to separate her feelings from her decisions was killed by a stray bullet after consummating her romance with Clarke. It’s 2016, can we stop Bury Your Gays and Dead Lesbian Syndrome already? LGBTQ fans deserve better.

Sigh. Back to Lexa’s leadership prowess. She’s as tough as nails who stops at nothing to protect her peoples. Here are three quotes by Lexa to inspire you to greatness:

Sometimes you have to concede a battle to win a war

“Sometimes you have to concede a battle to win a war.” – Lexa, The 100.

A war is a series of small battles. There will be times in your career where you will have to concede defeat. You have to hedge your bets while you make progress. These small battles are lessons to be learned and nobody, not even you, can win all of them. Keep you focus on the big picture.

Victory stands on the back of sacrifice

“Victory stands on the back of sacrifice.” – Lexa, The 100.

Every leader who has achieved any success has made sacrifices to get there. These sacrifices can be for your organization or your colleagues. These doesn’t necessarily mean money, time or energy, it can be a shared power and responsibility – sacrifice some of your power and distribute it to your team members. The more you trust your team members, the more empowered they are to make effective decisions. Sacrifice your self-interest for the common good.

We are what we are

“We are what we are.” – Lexa, The 100.

Acknowledging who you are means learning from your experience. With self-awareness, you are mindful of your strengths, limitations, and emotions. This can be achieved with self-exploration and opening yourself to honest feedback. When you accept your authentic self, you’ll be able to exercise integrity and be able to admit your mistakes in front of your peers. You will  become a stronger leader by facing your weaknesses, understanding your purpose, and practicing self-discipline.

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