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When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you think your nose is too big? Do you like your eyes? Do you have high cheekbones? Do you have a dimple in your chin? Would you believe me if I said I know if you’re shy, had a difficult childhood, know how to deceive, just by looking at your face? Well, according to Barbara Roberts she can, and you can too by reading her new book, The Ancient Science of FACEREADING, How to know anyone at a glance.”  A great gift for the “believer” in your life.

Roberts has appeared on over 70 national and local TV shows including Tyra Banks, NBC Nightly News, The Learning Channel, and Inside San Diego to name a few. We went to her for a brief reading and she was spot on. She told me that those around me tend to come to me for things they can search on their own. They see me as the center of information. What feature resulted in this observation, the ball on the tip of my nose! For Kim, she asked her if she had a difficult childhood and the answer is yes. Her eyebrow thins out at the outer half signifying this.

Roberts is not the only Face Reader out there, “What sets me apart from all the other people that do face reading is that I’m trained in clinical medicine and psychology. I look at people from different ethnic backgrounds which is very unusual and the technique for doing that is for example, with your eye structure and your hair, we would assume that both of you have dark hair and dark eyes, either African American, Hispanic or Oriental. If I look at a feature that I think is ethnically related, I throw it out and I look at your face for the parts that make you special as a person.”

And so, the questions began. What’s the difference between Face Reading and saying we have a destiny? “I don’t believe in destiny, at all” says Roberts, “There’s always that kind of chicken and egg part. Do you get the feature first or do you get the personality first. You create your destiny.” It makes sense; if you take a photo of a child from birth you’ll see their facial features consistently evolve with time. No one is destined to be evil or good and vice-versa. “Anyone who is willing to change can change their face and can change for the good, I’ve seen that, that people can change from very dark places and come into a complete different person who radiates recovery and what I always look for is not so much darkness, I look for recovery…”

Now you’re thinking exactly what we were thinking, What about plastic surgery? If someone were to alter their appearance would that alter their character? The answer is yes and no. All our features add up to make a whole person therefore; if you change one small part of yourself it won’t necessarily dominate the meaning that the rest of your features represent. “When I teach this to plastic surgeons they always ask that because they help people alter their appearance. However you change your face in one little area, a tiny thing you change over here won’t change this big area over here” says Roberts.

The more we talked with Roberts the more apparent it was that how you see yourself could also alter your appearance. She asked her teacher years ago who had the best face he’d seen, and he told her Carol Burnett. He explained to her that when Burnett was younger her chin receded in (called slip chin) but when she began working with her daughter in drug and alcohol recovery her character became stronger. Burnett went on to have plastic surgery on her chin. She decided to bring it out to be more pronounced. The way she decided to alter her face represented her internal changes making her end result perfect, in her teacher’s opinion. Your own psychological transformation is important because parts of your face naturally change such as your eyes and your skin, but not everyone will see it.

What if someone learns the art of face reading to manipulate, like a sales person who would like to make a sale? “Someone that tries to manipulate it (face reading) to their benefit, it doesn’t work for them… a salesperson who wants to help people, truly get them to know the product if it benefits them, then there’s success. It’s an interesting thing too see motive factor in to understanding of the process” she says.

Most people go to her for face readings because they want some direction in their lives such as spiritual growth, what career they should be in, how to find a mate. “You’re always looking for healing and insight and the idea though is you’re looking to give people an understanding of themselves.” We ask her about people who may think oh, a strong jaw means confidence so that’s what I will look for in a mate but, she explains, it’s not that simple. “You can’t just look at one feature. You have to look at the whole person, all of their features and then, you put it together. You cant choose one person cause you want a strong jaw.” Also, each facial feature has three meanings to it. “We’re use to looking at people but we don’t really see them. And face reading you see them. You’re looking at who they are, what are there gifts, what are there life lessons, what is on with them. It’s very loving,” she concludes.

Here’s a glimpse at our personal readings. Roberts let us know that the first meaning is 80% accurate since each feature can have three meanings. Ours were on point with her initial reading.


Widows peak – “The widows peak is usually someone that is very creative by nature, we don’t like to be told what to do, and we like to figure out what we’re doing ourselves and then we present it, we don’t like to be micromanaged.”

Eyebrows – “Your eyebrows are round, somebody who likes harmony at home, we really go a long way to have harmony when it’s possible. On the other hand, people who have arch eyebrows love drama.”

Ball at the tip of nose –  “You have one fun feature that’s rare, your nose, you have a ball at the tip of your nose, on a 1-10 yours is a 6. President Clinton has a 10, a ball at all is someone who is the center of news information or gossip, not that you gossip, but it means people tell you things, so the center of news information, research, you want something and you’re on the internet finding it, not everyone is like that.”

Full cheeks – “Full cheeks is also big heart.”

Forehead line – “You’re rounded in the forehead line, love of people, being out with people, you just enjoy that.”

Chin – “Rounded chin is love of animals and children, it means you feel things really deeply; you’re not a superficial person.”

Earlobes – “You have long earlobes and this is someone that is spiritual by nature, now it’s not religious, but it’s spiritual.”

Face Shape – “The face shape you have has a lot of width from your nose to your ears…, what that means for both (Kim has it too) of you is confidence, people view you as very responsible and what that means is that when you show up, people think ‘oh Ana is here, give her the work.’ People always assume you know what you’re doing.”

Facial overview – “The overview for your face is you’re non-conformist, very creative, people oriented, focused, good with news information, love children and animals, and very heart centered, so another part for you is that, I call your face a right brain face and what that means is when you meet people, if I tell you stories such as my recent surgery, the next time you see me you’ll go ‘How was the surgery’, you remember the stories people tell you vs. when I look at people who are left brain they have the ability to take an object rotate it upside and backwards, we know people who are mechanical by nature, you don’t have that ability you have the people ability.”


Ear position: “If you draw a horizontal line across your eyes, your ears are low set and what that means in face reading is that you’re a late bloomer, it means that you come into your own usually in the early 30’s to 50, things come together for you, around 35 things really start to boom, really come together. Things will come to you a little bit later, I feel really good about this, my work is okay etc.…  My sense for you it’s going to really happen around 37.”

Earlobe: “Late bloomer, incredibly hard worker, the earlobe you have, yours come straight out, you don’t have an earlobe. There’s nowhere to put earrings, the earlobe you have refers to someone who knows right away if they like you or they don’t. And you don’t say anything but you feel it right here (gut). You get a feeling about people, and you’re very friendly so it’s not like they would ever notice but you get like a ‘ummm, I’m not sure about this person’.”

Eyes: “You also have small eyes for the bone structure you have, you have a beautiful face, you have the width in here, and for you that means you show up at work and their like, ‘she’s here let’s give it to her.’ See if you could get money to compensate for the more work because it’ll keep adding on there.”

“You also have a little bit of blue under here (eyes), it could be that you have sensitivity to perfume, smoke, paint and maybe milk. It’s not a diagnoses because I’m not a doctor.”

Eyebrow – “Thick and fades out. Albert Einstein also had this feature. It signifies a rough childhood and things got easier as you grew up.”

Jaw: “Your lower jaw is beautiful, it’s a strong lower jaw and it means you have strong willpower and drive. When you want something you just go for it. My sense about you would be that when you decide you want something and you really feel inside it’s the right thing to do you’re like stone and people don’t even try to budge you. You’re also really fair, ethical.”

Faded Dimple – “I think you have one dimple there, a little bit of the indent is fun loving. It throws people off. It’s deceiving. It’s kind of playful which is a nice combination. Tiny eyes for your bone structure, you’re observant. People don’t think you’re paying attention but you’re paying attention.”


Roberts: “Kim, you’re more of an introvert thinker and Ana, you’re more of an extrovert than both of us”.

We responded: “True”!

Barbara Roberts


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