Chihuly Garden and Glass – Seattle, Washington

Visiting Seattle, Washington on limited time? You can easily visit two locations in one day in addition to the infamous Space Needle. One of those is the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibition that opened in 2012. For frequent travelers the sculptures will immediately look familiar as Dale Chihuly’s artwork is dispersed throughout the world in small to large venues. This exhibit is exclusively dedicated to his work.

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There are eight galleries to go through and each one provides its own unique awe. You’ll learn the story of his development into an artist and the process of his work and collaborations. One room contains drawings that he created so others could produce the final pieces for him after a car accident left him blinded in his left eye in 1976. In 1979, a second incident left him with a dislocated right shoulder.

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“If I had not been a sculptor or an artist, I would love to have been a film director or an architect.” ~Dale Chihuly

Chihuly Garden and Glass anapines 41The centerpiece of the exhibition is a Glasshouse that takes up a 4,500 square foot space and is 40-ft tall. You get a unique view of the Space Needle as a backdrop to the 100-foot long sculpture in a color palette of reds, oranges, yellows and amber. The colors pop in front of the frequent gloomy skies.

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The exhibit provides photographers the opportunity to find new and interesting ways to present the work and make it their own. There are opportunities to work with close-ups, reflections, light and dark backgrounds, and juxtaposing the sky with the artwork and garden flowers.

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The Glasshouse contains an expansive installation made of several individual elements making it his largest collection of suspended sculptures. After, enter my favorite and the most peaceful area, the garden. The works are contrasted with trees, plants and flowers. The centerpiece is called, The Sun, providing an explosion of yellow and orange.

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Right before exiting to the gift shop where you can also purchase original work, you’ll find a theater with short videos showing Chihuly creating, interviewing, and setting up installations and exhibitions. If you bring your headphones you can also tune in to a self-guided tour on your phone. Unfortunately, portable audio guides are not available for those that don’t. The exhibit is mesmerizing nonetheless.

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Chihuly Garden and Glass is located at 305 Harrison Street, Seattle, WA 98109. Tickets range from $14 to $22. Check their website for updates in schedule.



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