La Traviata at the San Francisco Opera

Verdi’s La Traviata is currently playing at The San Francisco Opera. It was first performed by the San Francisco Opera during the Company’s second season in 1924. This rendition features three company debuts, Romanian soprano Aurelia Florian as Violetta Valéry, Brazilian tenor Atalla Ayan as Alfredo Germont and Polish baritone Artur Ruciński as Giorgio Germont. It’s also the final performance by Maestro Nicola Luisotti. He’s been the Music Director of the San Francisco Opera for nine-seasons.  

The orchestra begins to play as the audience perks up in anticipation for the reveal. The curtain finally rises and we are introduced to Violetta (Aurelia Florian) and an extravagant gathering that looks like a painting come to life. The costumes and scenery are exquisite. Taking you back to mid-19th century Paris.

La Traviata

The show is based on the novel La dame aux camélias by Alexandre Dumas and is told in three acts. Violetta Valéry, a beautiful Parisian, battles with the desire to pursue her love, Alfredo Germont, or continue enjoying life on her own terms. She chooses love and is happy until objections from his father arise. Alfredo’s father claims that his daughter’s engagement is at risk due to Violetta’s reputation. She reluctantly agrees to separate after his constant pleas. She was living her days freely indulging in whatever her heart desired until Alfredo, and now she is left heartbroken because of “reputation”. Eventually, the lovers are reunited but, it’s too late, Violetta is plagued with tuberculosis.

La Traviata 2

The performances by Florian and Atalla Ayan (Alfredo Germont) are highly enjoyable. Florian gives a powerful performance during the final act when Violetta departs forever. It’s a heartbreaking good bye and she does a good job at getting the audience to feel the huge loss the characters have gone through.  

For those new to the San Francisco Opera scene, there is a small monitor above the stage with lyric translations. Have no fear, you will not be lost in translation. This particular show is tragic but it’s also funny at times. This would be a great introduction to the Opera for first timers as its one of the most popular shows to be staged. You can also arrive two hours early for dinner at the Opera Cafe and enjoy drinks and dessert in between acts.

Each presentation at the War Memorial Opera House also features an informative 25-minute Pre-Opera Talk. Beginning 55 minutes prior to curtain and free of charge to patrons with tickets for the corresponding performance, each LaTraviata Pre-Opera Talk will be presented by Bay Area conductor Peter Susskind.


Tickets for La Traviata are priced from $26 to $398 and may be purchased at, the San Francisco Opera Box Office at 301 Van Ness Avenue and by phone at (415) 864-3330. Standing Room tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. on the day of each performance; standing room tickets are $10 each, cash only, and limited to two tickets per person.

The War Memorial Opera House is located at 301 Van Ness Avenue.

Magical Nathaniel Magic Show!

IMG_7894 copyI didn’t know what to expect when I went to see Magical Nathaniel Magic Show! at El Cerrito High School. In his early 20’s, he’s already been performing for about 9 years. He became interested in magic at the tender age of 3. I already admired this performer without seeing the show, due to the fact that not many of us get to follow the dreams we had as teenagers, let alone those at age 3. A recent graduate from UC Berkeley with a degree in applied mathematics and a minor in theatre and already an award-winning magician, this had to be good.

IMG_7903The show included a lot of interaction with the audience especially, the younger members who literally jumped up and down to get chosen to go up on stage. Magical Nathaniel has a natural chemistry with kids that made them react to him as if he were their best friend. One of them got worried that Magical Nathaniel would get hurt because he was doing a “dangerous trick” that involved balancing himself on a piece of wood on top of two chairs, while blindfolded, and solving a Rubik’s cube. The interaction was a little distracting from the trick but he handled the heartwarming moment with acknowledgement and patience as he continued with the performance.

IMG_7899 copyThere were a lot of classic acts that any inspired kid’s parents could pick up from a magic store. The infamous rope trick that makes it go from one big one to three little ones, and the needle through a balloon. He did add an additional twist to each trick, making it his own. In addition to his natural charm with the little ones, his act is also enticing enough to leave the adult crowd in awe.

It’s a family show that can please the whole family. One adult comment overheard, “No, it can’t be” was amusing to hear. He had several “I bet I can guess which one you chose” illusions but, the most interesting to me was one involving a soda can. He took a crushed can on stage and returned it back to its normal state. He then opened it and gave a cup to an audience member to drink to confirm that it was cold. You can currently book him for kid parties, events, and shows.

Find out about upcoming shows on his website:

Rope Trick

Grand Finale


Cirque du Soleil’s – LUZIA – U.S. Premiere

If you’re looking for a magical night out, go no further than Cirque du Soleil’s 17th show presented under the Big Top, LUZIA. It’s its 38th original production since 1984, they have performed in more than 400 cities on six continents. The massive white-and-gold Big Top can be seen from the highway at San Francisco’s AT&T park. You’ll not only be taken to another world but you’ll be experiencing it first, the Bay Area is its U.S. premiere.


The dreamlike experience takes you through the beauty and culture of Mexico. Follow the annual migration of the monarch butterfly and enter the Mayan gateway to the afterlife. You’ll encounter a jaguar, hummingbirds and a call to Cháak, the Mayan god of rain. That call brings about a beautiful rainfall on stage in which images are projected on. The audience was in awe as the pools of water appeared and disappeared in the blink of an eye. The effects summoning the meeting of the sun and moon mingled with the exceptional acrobatic skill that is expected of Cirque Du Soleil, created a transformational experience.    

IMG_7206   A team of more than 60 men and women worked on raising the massive tent space utilizing more than 100 supporting poles with seating for up to 2,600 people over the course of 8 days. The 2,000 tons of equipment is transported via 65 trailer trucks. The performances are not the only thing you’ll be admiring on your night out. The production ends in San Francisco on January 29, 2017. It’s next stop will be in San Jose, CA from February 9 to March 19, 2017.

See it while it’s in the neighborhood!

For tickets, visit  

Do you really want to miss this!?

La Cage Aux Folles presented by BAY AREA MUSICALS!

BAMLaCageThe newly formed theatre organization, BAY AREA MUSICALS! is closing its inaugural season with multiple Tony Award winning play, La Cage Aux Folles. The show written by Harvey Fierstein (book) and Jerry Herman (music and lyrics) revolves around Georges (Clay David), the owner of Saint-Tropez drag cabaret “La Cage Aux Folles”, his lover Albin (Michael RJ Campbell) who is also the clubs headliner as Zaza, and his son Jean-Michel (Jack O’Reilly) who’s recently announced his engagement to Anne Dindon (Bessie Zolno), daughter of hypocrite politician Edouard Dindon (Cameron Weston).

We see the relationship between Georges and Albin/Zaza and how sometimes it affects showtime. Zaza is being begged to go onstage as the other performers are using delay tactics to keep the audience entertained. Georges brings the tenderness level up to a ten to ensure his Albin, that his wishes will be honored and then, Zaza goes on to rounds of applause. We see many loving moments between the two throughout the show which is still taboo for some audience members. A family in front of me had an unpleasant discussion during intermission but luckily stayed to the end. The son was upset by the choice even though he could be seen chuckling many times. Even in theatre it’s rare to have a story center around a couple from the LGBT community. The other element of this story revolves around Jean-Michel and the fact that he was raised by both of them. He’s about to take a big step in his life and doesn’t want Albin (who raised him) there, why?

BAMLaCage242Jean-Michel is concerned with impressing Anne’s parents who portray themselves as a traditional, good, wholesome family. He says that Anne is not like her parents but he’s still eager for their blessings. He requests that Georges invite his biological mother to the family dinner and tell Albin why he “can’t” have him there. He also wanted the decor changed to more “appropriate” ones. When we finally meet Mr. Dindon, we find that he’s extremely disrespectful to his wife Marie (Mary Gibboney). He bosses her around and dismisses her frequently, which is not the definition of a wholesome family in my book. His platform centers around shutting down all places his followers deem sinful and not family-friendly, like a cabaret with drag queens.

BAM_La_Cage_001After much hesitation, Georges finally tells Albin the situation and of course he doesn’t take it well. The boy he raised is ashamed of him and admits to past embarrassments he never mentioned in his youth. Albin has always been there while Jean-Michel’s biological mom has never been and ends up cancelling once again at the last minute. Despite the emotional blow to Albin, he steps up to the plate to help Jean-Michel out but I’ll leave it at that. You have to go watch the show to see what love can sometimes make you do. It’s a story of how we sometimes take for granted those that love us for those that merely surround us. It’s also important to be true to ourselves and live our lives authentically as Albin/Zaza does without question.

I’d also like to mention that David was in character as soon as one entered the door. He welcomed audience members to La Cage Aux Folles and took selfies with a few. He stood out for me, as some of the other actors seem to struggle with their character accents. However, he and Campbell had great chemistry together. I could see them performing together again in a future show! The score includes such songs as “The Best of Times is Now”, “Song In the Sand”, “La Cage Aux Folles”, and “I Am What I Am.” Go watch it! You only have one weekend left. 

Show Details:
Direction and Choreography by Matthew McCoy
Musical Direction by Jon Gallo

2961 16TH STREET
San Francisco, CA 94103

Evening Performances: Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays at 8:00PM 

Matinee Performances: Saturdays and Sundays at 2:00PM
Closing: Sunday, July 31st at 2:00PM

Tickets available at the box office or online:

One on One with Kevin James from THE ILLUSIONISTS

THE ILLUSIONISTS is coming to SHN Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco to blow your mind from February 16-21, 2016 as part of a 45 city U.S. tour. Seven illusionists from around the world will perform family-friendly tricks and death defying stunts.

I got a chance to interview Kevin James – The Inventor, known for innovative illusions. He’s also a comedian and collector of the strange and unusual. He didn’t start out that way as he remembers his first attempt at magic as being “pretty awful”. He grew up in a small town with a population of 2,000 people. Being pre-internet days his only resources were 6 library books with basic ‘use stuff from around the house’ tricks, “I was the only one checking them out over and over. I remember trying it for my classmates and it was just really bad. It didn’t deter me, I kept moving forward”. We’re glad he did, as he’s one of the most prolific inventors of magic in the world today.

What’s the secret to his success? “The biggest secret in magic is that secrets don’t matter,” he says. He told me about all the work that goes into a great performance including storyline, mood, sound, costumes, the technical crew and timing. “It’s the 1,000s of other things you have to think about that matter. Penn and Teller can show you how something works and immediately fool you with it afterwards.” Magic is about making things interesting, “It’s the artistic interpretation that’s impressive to watch”. Want to know more, continue reading the rest of the interview below.

Kevin James - The Inventor

What inspired you to get into magic?

Most of the magicians all have the same story; we all got hooked when we were a kid. I think most kids are fascinated with magic at some point and, the lucky ones; we never grow out of it. For me it was a love at first sight, I just completely knew that that’s exactly what I wanted to do the rest of my life, instantly. I was so enamored by it and I wanted to share that feeling, that feeling I had when I saw it. I wanted to give that feeling to everyone else, that sense of wonder. I never ever wanted to be a fireman or astronaut or that other stuff that kids really like or think they’re going to do, it was magic the whole time.

What was the first performance that you saw?

Now in hindsight, I realize that the performer was not that great. He was a very average performer but for me, it was just mind blowing seeing it for the first time. He came to our elementary school and did a show for the school.

Has one of your performances ever gone wrong? How did you handle it?

Let’s just say that everything has gone wrong. That’s why you have to do 1,000s and 1000’s of shows to experience all those things that can go wrong. The list is just too huge to mention. You know, you learn each time something happens and make sure it doesn’t happen again and you’re better for it afterwards. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right.

Kevin James - The Inventor

You’ve traveled around the world. Which country seems to have the most enthusiastic audience?

You know it’s funny, I’ve performed in 91 countries so far and the biggest reaction we ever got was in I think, Ecuador, because I don’t think they’ve ever seen a big magic show before or any magic for that matter. We were use to a certain level of reaction and it was double in Ecuador and I think it was just the element of surprise that they had just never had the opportunity to see magic live like that because magic is much better live than on TV.

Which one of your performances gets the most reaction from an audience?

That’s kind of hard to say because I try to elicit a different emotion with each trick, you know sometimes its sweet and innocent, sometimes it nostalgic, sometimes it’s shocking and visually arresting. I just try to elicit all these different emotions. I think, probably the thing I call, The Operation. Cutting a person in half is a classic premise, it was first invented in 1921 but it’s always been done inside a box, put the blades in and separate the box, I decided to try to do it without the box. So, there’s a terrible accident on stage with a chainsaw and the poor guy gets cut in half and falls over like a tree, two pieces, and the two body parts, they animate and they chase each other around. I end up putting them back together on a table using a staple gun to stick him back together. And it dances off stage.

Will this be part of the show?

Oh yeah, this will be part of The Illusionists show.

What’s it like traveling with other magicians? 

Some of these guys I’ve known since I was 12 and 13 years old going to different magic conventions and other ones are new to me. There are no big egos we’re all at the top of our game so we all have mutual respect for each other and we like hanging out with each other.

The Illusionists

How often do you introduce a new magic trick into your performance?

I usually have 10 projects in the pipeline at any given moment in different stages of development. You kind of have to have a break in the show in order to get something new in because that’s when you got all your technicians, lights and sounds and backstage help and that’s when everyone is able to learn new projects and learn new things. The trick is to get your material to a certain level and then say okay, here’s a break coming up, we can try to get it worked in to this next show and plan ahead to get that done. It’s a big machine with a lot of parts and everyone has to be working together on it. Once something is in the show you can tweak it all the time just with little details but, getting a whole new piece in is not quite so easy.

How do you come up with a new trick?

There’s 1,000s of ways to find inspiration and sometimes I have a great method for something and I’m looking for a story and sometimes I have a great story and I’m looking for a way to do it. So, it comes at you from lots of different directions.

There’s a routine in the show where I make it snow on the audience and it’s a direct illustration from my life experience. I grew up in Michigan and I was fascinated with snow every year. For me, it was part of the magic of nature and so I talk about that and I make it snow on the audience and its fun to watch kids just leap to their feet and just play in the snow. Even if you don’t remember the first time you saw snow fall you probably have good memories of building a snowman, sledding. It’s a collective personal journal.

I love hardware stores cause I see all kinds of crazy interesting things. Sometimes. I’ll hear a piece of music and go ‘Oh my god’ I got to use that cause I just feel a certain way, you know.

You’ve been labeled one of the world’s greatest magicians but when did you first realize,’Hey, I’m pretty awesome at this’?

I’m just trying to do good work and trying to use the art form that I love to communicate with people. For me, it’s a lifelong journey and I’m just having a ball, I just think I got the best job in the world.

Why should people go see, The Illusionists?
Instead of seeing one performer for 2 hours where you get the same vibe and the same point of view, you’re seeing 7 magicians who are all at the top of their game. They’re from all over the word, we got magicians from England, Italy, Korea and the US. It’s a big smorgasbord of great magic.

The wonderful thing about magic for me is that it breaks all barriers. There are no age barriers, culture barriers, language barriers, it doesn’t matter who you are you can still enjoy the show. It’s definitely not a kid show but it’s a wonderful, exciting, funny, artful display of magic that kids can absolutely enjoy.


Illusionists PosterFor more information on THE ILLUSIONISTS, visit:

Performance Dates:
February 16–21, 2016

Tuesday–Saturday at 8pm
Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday at 2pm

Running Time:
2 hours, including one 15-minute intermission.

Age Recommendation:
Appropriate for all ages. No children under 5 allowed.

Ticket Information:
Tickets are available now for current SHN members and to the general public at Members may call SHN Audience Services at 888-746-1799 (Press 2), or purchase tickets through their SHN ACCOUNT at Tickets range from $45-$212. Prices are subject to change.

About SHN:
SHN is the preeminent theatrical entertainment company in the Bay Area, bringing live entertainment experiences to San Francisco’s premier venues. SHN presents current hits fresh from Broadway, original Broadway cast productions, pre-Broadway premieres and one-of-a-kind live events that are at the forefront of the national theater scene.


Riverdance 20th Anniversary Tour

Photographer: Rob McDougal

Photographer: Rob McDougal

You have until November 8th to check out the 20th anniversary show of Riverdance at SHN Golden Gate Theatre. The popular show comes from a sold out run across Europe and Asia. Over 20 dancers bring this show to life including an Irish troupe, Flamenco and Urban dancers. Not many people seem to know this as its not emphasized in its advertising.

The show began on February 9,1995 at the Point Theatre in Dublin and has kept audiences dancing and clapping ever since. Riverdance also has segments showcasing the musicians instead of hiding them in an orchestra pit. They interact with the audience and dancers adding another magical element to it.

Photographer: Rob McDougal

Photographer: Rob McDougal

The repetitiveness of the Irish troupe can start to feel monotonous to some but the flamenco and urban dancers help break it up. In the urban scene there are also comical moments and a little friendly competition among the characters. The audience ate it up and laughed the whole way through. The immigrant story is woven in, as Art is the best way to express the ups and downs of moving from one place to the next. It’s a show you should definitely experience at least once, especially if you love dance.

Photographer: Jack Hartin

Photographer: Jack Hartin

RIVERDANCE – THE 20th ANNIVERSARY WORLD TOUR is composed by Bill Whelan, produced by Moya Doherty and directed by John McColgan.


Don’t live in the Bay Area? Check out the full U.S. tour schedule:

Pink Egg Media Announces Sponsorship with Queer Fashion Week

Pink Egg Media is delighted to announce a landmark sponsorship with Queer Fashion Week (QFW), an entire week of fabulous events showcasing designers, hairstylists, and makeup artists who are creating fashion for all types of bodies and genders.

The first ever Queer Fashion Week will be held in Oakland, CA on April 16 – 19, 2015. More than 25 designers will be unveiling their latest creations from accessories, evening wear, lingerie and undergarments, outdoor wear, urban wear and more made for the fashionista – feminine to the masculine of center and everyone in between.

The lists of designers include Crookid Mindz, Haute Butch, Im.Butterfly Creations, Immigreat Designs, Inner Diva Styles, Kreeps in Disguise Co., Lady Lovers, Note 2 Self, Pascual Keyng, Play Out Apparel, LLC; Qwear Fashion, Saannti, Sambi Fashion, Sharp Suiting, Show & Tell Boutique, Shades Company, Clothing, Size Queen Clothing, Speechless Vulgarity, Split Personality Designs, Stuzo Clothing, SunSun, SX Couture, Thuy Custom Clothier, True Life Clothing, and Vagina Jenkins.

The sponsorship is part of Pink Egg Media’s ongoing commitment to lifting small business especially those owned by women of color.

Kim Rescate, co-founder of Pink Egg Media explains, “We are excited to be part of this unique event.  We feel that it’s an important endeavor. It’s difficult for some of us ordinary folks to easily find clothes that embody gender variance. We look forward to seeing fashion that transgress the gender norms.”

“It’s exciting to be a part of something ground breaking. We’re often judged by our appearances when that’s what makes us unique. It’s great to be part of a celebration that embodies the true meaning of diversity, being able to present yourself the way you want without judgement.”, said Ana Pines, co–founder of Pink Egg Media.

“Queer Fashion Week is excited to have a media partnership with Pink Egg Media.  Their support of QFW has been invaluable and we appreciate all their efforts on behalf of QFW.” added Christine De La Rosa, QFW’s producer.

About Pink Egg Media
Pink Egg Media is a multi-disciplinary communications leader. The company offers press relations, advertising, content marketing, activation, promotional and digital media delivering comprehensive business solutions through content creation, community building and communications with measurable results. For more information, visit our website at www.pinkeggmedia, follow us on Twitter at @pinkeggmedia, and become our fan at

About Queer Fashion Week
Queer Fashion Week is the brainchild of Miz Chris, one of the preeminent producers of queer events in the US.  Having produced butchLYFE alongside the What is Butch? Movement for over 600 queers in the Bay Area last year, she saw the need to move beyond a singular fashion show and create an entire WEEK full of fabulousity.   The mission of Queer Fashion Week is to showcase designers, hairstylists and makeup artists who are creating fashion for all types of bodies and genders.

About fiveTEN Oakland Events: fiveTen Oakland Events brings quality events to Oakland throughout the year. Pulling together a group of diverse artists, DJs, performers, vendors from many different parts of the local and national community to celebrate Oakland and the East Bay! This strives to bring excellent and unique experiences to the community mixed with the hottest venues in Oakland we guarantee that your fiveTen experience will be unforgettable. For more info:



Kim Rescate,
Ana Pines,

Monster Jam takes over Petco Park

Monster Jam takes over Petco Park

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush this weekend you don’t want to miss out on Monster Jam at Petco Park. This Saturday’s all-star line-up includes World Finals champion powerhouses Grave Digger®, El Toro Loco®, Captain’s Curse® and Metal Mulisha; plus the San Diego debut truck appearances of FOX Sports 1™ Cleatus, Scooby-Doo™, Dragon, Doomsday; Monster Mutt® Rottweiler; War Wagon and Incinerator.  Another special performance will take place on Saturday, Jan. 31 with the return appearance (after 7-year hiatus from San Diego) of four-time World Finals Champion and Grave Digger Icon Dennis Anderson!

Monster Jam Trucks

Anderson’s sons, Adam and Ryan are also Monster Truck drivers. We got to speak to Ryan Anderson who’s been in the business for only five years. “My dad’s been doing it for 32 years now so I was born into it, I’m only 25 years old so I was in my crib on the way to shows and stuff like that.”  He says there’s no other choice for him because it’s in his blood. “I do this for a living and I love it and so far I’ve done pretty good at it.”

Ryan Anderson

This is the first time that the trucks take over Petco Park. Being in a new place means a new track and potentially more daring tricks. “You never know what to expect but I can guarantee its gonna be insane” Anderson assured us. You don’t have to be a fan or mechanically inclined to appreciate the show. You just have to like the thought of seeing a 10,000lb truck fly up 60ft in the air and potentially lose a tire, crash or catch on fire.

Monster Jam Preparations

There’s always something new to experience so whether you’re a long time fan or a Monster Truck newbie you’ll be equally pleased. Could this be the show where San Diego sees one of these Monsters do a back flip?  “I’m pretty sure its going to be the first time there’s gonna be some back flips attempts here, not going to promise anything but they are building a ramp that I think I might be able to try it off of but not gonna guarantee nothing like I said, I might not make it that far but if I do I’ll hit it whether it backflips or crashes or whatever, I’ll do it and everyone is going to get a kick out of it” teases Anderson. One thing is for sure after talking with Anderson, it’s all about providing the fans a memorable show.

Monster Jam

The show starts at 7 p.m. Saturday, but fans can get the celebration started early with the Pit Party at 2 p.m. Tickets range from $15 to $45. For more information, visit





Santana Headlines Univision Radio’s Uforia Concert

Santana Headlined Univision Radio’s Uforia Concert in New York on Tuesday, May 13th at Webster Hall to celebrate the Release of Santana’s First Ever Latin Music Album CORAZÓN.  The audience was surprised with special guest Juanes and an electric solo by his wife, drummer Cindy Blackman.

The energy of the crowd was contagious and it’s no wonder when viewing a musical icon that spans decades like Santana. He has sold more than 100 million records and has reached more than 100 million fans at concerts worldwide. Santana is the recipient of 10 GRAMMY® Awards, three Latin GRAMMY® Awards, the Billboard Latin Music Awards 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Santana played songs from his recently released studio album entitled CORAZÓN (Heart) his first ever Latin music album which features superstar vocals from ChocQuibtownLila Downs, Gloria Estefan, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Juanes, Ziggy Marley, Miguel, Niña Pastori, Pitbull, Samuel Rosa of Skank, Cindy Blackman Santana, Romeo Santos, Wayne Shorter, Soledad, and Diego Torres.

The event was sponsored by: AutoZone, Coors Light and SUBWAY® Restaurants.



“The Rat Pack is Back!” at Rio Las Vegas

Go back in time to an era when Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop and Dean Martin were Kings of Las Vegas with the show “The Rat Pack is Back!”  The Lon Bronson Big Band Orchestra opens the show. Live music, classic songs, dancing and good ol’ fashion improv-style comedy will surely transport you to the “golden” days of Vegas. Bishop starts off  the show with a monologue to warm up the audience and get the giggles going.

Rat Pack is Back1_anapines

My favorite part was Martin drinking from an enormous Martini Glass singing, “That’s Amore!”. Davis sang and performed the emotional Mr. Bojangles. And to end it all Sinatra sang the classic, “My Way”. The personalities leaped off the stage and transported us to the Sands in the 1960’s when these fellas were the epitome of Vegas. It’s a great outing for multi-generational groups.

Rat Pack is Back17_anapines

The cast includes impersonators of Frank Sinatra (Brian Duprey), Sammy Davis Jr. (Kenny Jones), Joey Bishop (Mickey Joseph) and Dean Martin (Drew Anthony). Long-time veteran show producer Dick Feeney is the creator and producer of the show.

Rat Pack is Back19_anapines

There are several options when purchasing tickets including General, VIP, and Golden Circle. We sat in the Golden Circle, which brought us closer to the stage with drink service. You can also opt in to include dinner at The Carnival World Buffet. No matter what day of the week you’re in Vegas, you can stop by and see the “pack” at The Rio as this is one of the few shows that perform seven nights a week. Shows starts at  7 p.m. You can purchase tickets at or by calling the box-office at (702) 777-7776.