Bay Area Theaters Take a Stand with Immigrants

Bay Area Theater’s released the following statement in response to Trump’s unconstitutional immigration ban. We’re glad to see the community take a stand on these unwarranted attacks. If you’re wondering where to take in a show, we suggest the leaders who signed below.

We, the artistic and managing directors of Bay Area theaters, feel we must speak out against the executive order that would deny the freedom and safety that we know as Americans. This new generation of immigrants deserves the protection and opportunity that America has always provided. Our great American theaters would be far poorer without the authors, playwrights, actors, directors, technical staff, administrators, and audiences who come to us from all over the world, enriching our lives and the lives of those who experience our work.

Theater has always provided a bridge between cultures. There is no theater without empathy and compassion—that is the very nature of what we do. We call on our government to show the compassion and generosity that have done so much to make the United States a haven for the oppressed and a beacon of freedom.

We take our responsibility as global citizens extremely seriously and urge the President and his administration to rescind the executive order and reestablish an open exchange between artists and audiences from all over the world.


L. Peter Callender, Artistic Director, African-American Shakespeare Company
Sherri Young, Executive Director, African-American Shakespeare Company
Peter Pastreich, Executive Director, American Conservatory Theater
Carey Perloff, Artistic Director, American Conservatory Theater
Julie Saltzman Kellner, Managing Director, Aurora Theatre Company
Tom Ross, Artistic Director, Aurora Theatre Company
Gretchen Feyer, Managing Director, Berkeley Playhouse
Susan Medak, Managing Director, Berkeley Repertory Theatre
Tony Taccone, Artistic Director, Berkeley Repertory Theatre
Mina Morita, Artistic Director, Crowded Fire Theater Company
Liz Olson, Managing and Producing Director, Cutting Ball Theatre
Paige Rogers, Artistic Director, Cutting Ball Theatre
Michelle Mulholland, Managing Director, Golden Thread Productions
Torange Yeghiazarian, Founding Artistic Director, Golden Thread Productions
Steven Anthony Jones, Artistic Director, Lorraine Hansberry Theatre
Loretta Greco, Artistic Director, Magic Theatre
Jaimie Mayer, Managing Director, Magic Theatre
Keri Kellerman, Managing Director, Marin Theatre Company
Jasson Minadakis, Artistic Director, Marin Theatre Company
Ed Decker, Founder and Artistic Director, New Conservatory Theatre
Barbara Hodgen, Executive Director, New Conservatory Theatre
Jason Hoover, Artistic Director, Ray of Light Theatre
Patrick Dooley, Artistic Director, Shotgun Players
Elizabeth Lisle, Managing Director, Shotgun Players
Darren Doutt, General Manager, Steve Silver’s Beach Blanket Babylon
Jo Schuman Silver, Producer, Steve Silver’s Beach Blanket Babylon
Brad Erickson, Executive Director, Theatre Bay Area
Rachel Fink, Managing Director, Theatre Bay Area


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