Art San Diego 2015

Photo by: Melissa Sanchez

Art moves people and makes emotions come to life. It is a physical representation of an artist’s mind at work. Art is what the viewer makes of it and what creates a lasting legacy for those who see it. It gives people the opportunity to create bonds with one another and only strengthens the community with which it is in. The highly anticipated spectrum art show event in Balboa Park’s Activity Center, Art San Diego, takes place from November 5-8, 2015 and showcases art from over 500 artists, exhibitions, art labs and galleries. This is their Seventh Annual event, which attracts everyone from high-end collectors to local art lovers.

I had the pleasure of going to opening night and I must say what a night. The buzz of artists and like-minded art aficionados could be felt in the air. Art San Diego gives artists from all walks of life the opportunity to detail their work. There was a strong Mexican connection with many art labs ranging from Tijuana to Guadalajara, Mexico. It’s that melding of cultures that makes this a strong event and one that everyone should take the opportunity to go see.


Immediately when you walk in, you are engrossed with beautiful colors, sculptures and other works that will make you do a double take. I spoke with artist, Momilani Ramstrum, whose works of art involves taking all kinds of textures of paint, from dried to fragments on strips, to create pieces that are visually stunning. She told me “the secret is when you feel joy,” this can be said for the artist and the viewer alike. And how true is that, the joy could be felt all over the exhibit halls. Come out and experience Art San Diego; it will leave you feeling joyful to say the least.

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Photos by: Melissa Sanchez

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