A night of indulgence at Kelvin Restaurant

We were invited to sample the new restaurant at the W Hotel in San Diego Downtown, Kelvin. Upon our arrival, we noticed that it was a tad warm outside so we opted for inside seating. Kelvin is a unit of measurement for temperature, but it is also the measurement most often used for the color of light sources. The decor reflects this, with beautiful and colorful lighting. It features both individual and communal style seating that creates a warm atmosphere. Our server, Brent, presented each dish with an explanation of the ingredients and the cooking process.

Blackberry Margarita Cocktails and Honey High Ball and Ginger

We started off with some complimentary bread and cocktails. We got Blackberry Margarita Cocktails and Honey High Ball and Ginger, both perfect for a warm late summer night.

After getting our drinks, Jeremy, the Drinks and Food Manager, introduced himself and welcomed us to the restaurant.

We were a little overwhelmed on deciding which items on the menu to choose from as they all sounded equally appealing. Luckily, Chef Harry had pre-arranged certain dishes for us to sample, bringing relief to the thought of missing out on anything.

To start we had compressed watermelon, paired with creamy, rich blue cheese and drizzled with saba. The sweetness of the watermelon and the saltiness of the cheese really worked well together. The processes of compressing the watermelon allows the sweetness of it to come to the surface also producing a dark red color making it resemble ahi tuna at first glance. It was refreshing and can be made at home. View the video on this link:  http://bcove.me/527yaw9i

The next item we had, corn soup with popcorn. We thought to ourselves, this has got to be good! And we weren’t disappointed. The small drizzle of spicy oil on top gave it a little bit of kick and the creaminess of the soup was just delicious. We loved the chunky pieces of corn and potatoes.

We call the duck confit quesadilla, round of goodness! It was filled with some mushroom, onions, duck confit and brie. The mixture made for some interesting flavor. The combination tasted best when balanced in the bite. If you got a little more brie than mushroom it lost a little of its power.

Ropa Vieja Tacos

The mango and jimaca slaw that came with this dish was very flavorful. The pork shoulder, which was braised overnight, was tender and juicy but rather bland. The taste of the pork left much to be desired. I’d skip this or add salt and pepper for flavor.

Seared Halibut

A new addition to the menu, we were given the opportunity to be one of the first to taste the halibut, it was perfectly seared, making it light and flaky. What surprised us the most was the complexity of the flavor of the watercress. It has a hint of smokiness that we just loved.

Next, we got rum and lime pan flashed shrimp. The shrimp, by the way were huge! The sweet sauce and the cilantro really gave each bite an aromatic experience, elevating your senses of smell and taste.

For dessert we were presented with banana hazelnut spring rolls. The bananas inside were nice and tender. They were served on top of spicy chocolate, with whip cream on the side. The crunchy outside reminded us of Sopaipillas. We would have loved to have this a la mode.

We love coffee and we love crème brulee. Voilà! Café con leche crème brulee! a favorite dessert of ours, cracking the caramelized sugar top to get to the smooth, rich cream beneath it, gives us simple pleasure. Paired with espresso and cappuccino, it was a perfect ending to our two hour of indulgence at Kelvin. Some places don’t put as much care into their dessert menu as they do the rest of their courses, not so at this restaurant. We recommend a dessert night at Kelvin.

The hostess, Jasmine, bid us farewell and gave us little parting gifts of freshly made churros and chocolate dip inside. This combination brought us back to our nights in Spain where locals enjoy this dessert starting at 1AM. With such a variety of food on their dinner and cocktail menu, you’ll sure to find something that will make for a wonderful meal.


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